Playgrounds Part 5

ideas for natural play spaces
Here we have focused on pre-school playgrounds, that we love, to give you ideas for your outdoor play area. We love natural play areas for their inventiveness and as they do not have to cost a million dollars. They are also proven to support imaginative play, reduce stress and encourage love of the natural world and help develop language and collaboration skills. Outdoor environments are also important to children's development of independence and sense of wonder.

It is important to look at your ideas from a child's eye level and also really consider what the children you are designing for would like. Think about their opportunities for manipulation, exploration and experimentation. Hopefully these ideas will get you thinking creatively about what play spaces you can create.

From top left, in a clockwise direction:

A digging pit is so easy to make at Garden Gate Child Development Center

Make a magical fairy garden, you can sit in, using a circular planting under a tree with hanging coloured lanterns.

Planting has made special natural play areas at Kate Greenaway Nursery

Sensory path with different textures for barefoot walking includes leaves, stones, logs, and water at Stuarts Point Preschool.

Wooden pieces made into chairs and a large table at Matapihi Kindergarten

Loose parts like logs can be laid out in different ways using cut offs and long lengths at Earth Wrights

More inspiration about playground design on Pinterest and outdoor activities at Early Childhood Resources.

12 Tactile sensory play ideas

These experiences give input through the sense of touch amongst other things.
Our senses gives us information to organize ourselves and successfully interact with the world. The tactile system gives us many different kinds of sensations including light and heavy touch, temperature, pressure and pain. The tactile exploration in the following ideas is through a range of mediums.
sensory play ideas for pre-schoolers

Body painting - all over skin sensation
Clay play - great for muscles in fingers and hands
Cornstarch clay - recipe of how to make it
Finger painting - free and unstructured experimentation with colour and colour mixing
Fragrant garden - dig in the dirt to create a beautiful perfumed garden
Marvellous mud - cool and squishy and fun
Massage - can be beneficial to all ages
Papier mache - paper strips and glue creations
Play dough pizza - pound, roll and cut and decorate
Sand play - soft, hard, wet or dry.
Slime recipe - ooey, gooey squishy slime
Wonderful water - soothing relaxing and invigorating

Never push your child to continue tactile activities if they have a strong dislike for them as some children have tactile defensiveness.

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