Best Android Apps for Kids 2016

cat in the hat

Best Android Apps for Kids 2016

There are plenty of kid-friendly games, apps and educational tools on Google Play Store. Here is a look at some of the best Android apps for kids for 2016.

Kids Place  

kids place

This is a free app where you can make a sandbox that your children can play in. You are not only able to stipulate apps, but it also prevents new apps from being installed and blocks in app purchases. Use can also be limited with the time feature where the app will lock after a certain amount of time. The app also supports multiple profiles so parents are able to create custom environments for different users.


This app requires a fee per month and creates a sandbox environment that can be customized and packed with apps of your choice. This app makes the Google Play Store inaccessible as well as restricting emails, texts and calls. It is easy to set Famigo up and you just need to browse through your app draw for kid friendly items. You can also add and remove items. There is also Famigo TV that shows kid friendly videos and Famigo Wowezer that is a kid-orientated browser that limits online access.

The Cat in the Hat

You will need to pay for The Cat in the Hat app. The stories from Dr. Seuss feature fun characters and imaginative illustrations all in a simple and child friendly language. This app is a digital storybook and has numerous reading modes. You can choose for you and your child to read the story together or have the story read out loud automatically.

PicsArt Kids

There is a free version of this app and a paid version and is a great app for drawing and doodling. There are plenty of activities for kids and parents to do together like blank canvas mode, coloring book and learning mode that includes mazes, shapes and scenes you can add to. The premium version of the app that you pay for will remove ads.


This is another drawing app that features the CBeebies character Dipdap. Your children will need to help Dipdap through a number of animated scenes by filling in drawings. There are 16 animated scenes and a sketchpad.

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