Teenagers and Gambling

teenagers and gambling

There are more ways for teenagers to gamble then you probably realize and this is why it is important to explain to your child how gambling works and the consequences of such.

You may think that gambling is something that you will not have to talk to your child about, but most children have already gambled by the age of 15.

The most common forms of gambling are instant lottery tickets and card games. These may appear to be harmless, but some children have too much fun and this can lead to serious gambling when they are older.

Nowadays children are exposed to gambling before they are 18 due to the Internet. Also the Internet and other such technology gives children the opportunity and new ways to gamble.

There are thousands of online gambling sites and children are able to gamble on them without needing money as well as on their phones through the use of apps.


If a child gambles when they are young they are more prone to developing a gambling problem when they are older. It has been said that about a 1/3 of adult problem gamblers began to gamble between the ages of 11 and 17.

Teenagers that gamble are at a greater risk of developing:

  • Poorer school achievement
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Depression and anxiety

You will then need to explain the consequences of gambling to your child as well as the odds of winning. You should rather encourage healthier hobbies that are positive.

As a parent you need to limit your child’s exposure to gambling. If you gamble often then your children may see this as normal behavior, so limiting their exposure is a good step to take. Explain to them how the games work and the factors, which are associated with them.

You can also think about limiting your child’s access to the Internet so that they are less exposed to gambling adverts and online casinos. It is also a good idea to put the computer in a common area rather than in bedrooms. You are also able to block gambling sites and monitor your child’s online activity.

Speaking to your child early on about gambling and the consequences will help them and also lower the risk of them becoming a problem gambler.

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